Archived Legislation & Documents

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DescriptionPost Date
Virement Policy2015-11-26
Transport Allowance Policy2015-11-26
Temporary Empoyment Policy2015-11-26
Tariff & Rates Policy2015-11-26
Suspense Accounts Policy2015-11-26
Municipal Housing Policy2015-11-26
Municipal Corporate Governance of ICT Policy2015-11-26
Inventory Policy 20142015-11-26
Inventory Policy 20152015-11-26
Internship & Lernership Draft Policy2015-11-26
ICT User Management Procedure2015-11-26
ICT Security Policy2015-11-26
ICT Patch Management Policy2015-11-26
ICT End User Management Policy2015-11-26
ICT Change Management Procedure2015-11-26
ICT Back up Policy & Procedure2015-11-26
ICT Allocation of Movable ICT Devices Policy & Procedures2015-11-26
ICT Account Management Policy2015-11-26
Fixed Assets Management & Fleet Management Policy2015-11-26
Financial Delegations Policy2015-11-26
Direct Purchases & Payments Policy2015-11-26
Delegation of Powers Policy2015-11-26
Delegation of Powers Policy2015-11-26
Creditor Payment Policy2015-11-26
Busary Policy for the Community2015-11-26
Busary Policy for Municipal Employees2015-11-26
Amendment of Training & Development Policy for Municipal Employees2015-11-26
Acting Allowance for Municipal Employees2015-11-26
Waste Management - By Law2015-11-26
Street Trading - By Law2015-11-26
Resolution on Leying of Property Rates2015-11-26
Property Rates - By Law2015-11-26
Electricity Supplty - By Law2015-11-26
Credit Control and Debt Collection - By Law.pdf2015-11-26
Virement Policy2015-11-19
Tariff and Rates Policy2015-11-19
Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy2015-11-19
Debt Collection and Credit Control by Law Draft Finally Reviewed upon Consultation with Tonderai2015-11-19
Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy and By-Law2015-11-19
Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy and By-Law2015-11-19
Indigent Support Policy2015-11-19
Inventory Policy2015-11-19
Property Rates Policy and By-Law2015-11-19
Travel and Subsistence Policy2015-11-19
Tariff and Sundry Charges Policy and By-Law2015-11-19
Supply Chain Management and Preferential Procurement Policies 2015-11-19

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