Lyttelton Dolomite(Pty) Ltd (Marble Hall Mine)

The Marble Hall mine is located on the outskirts of the town, Marble Hall. The mine has been operation since 1919, initially extracting marble blocks.

The mine today has a well established milling section for producing powders, and a crushing, washing and screening plant to produce aggregate for the iron and steel industry and for the local construction market.

The ore-body being mined is a metamorphosed dolomite which characteristically has a low silica (SiO2) and a high calcium carbonate (CaCO3) content. The topography is flat varying between 900metrs and 920metres above mean sea level.

Current life of the mine is well in excess of 30 years. The mining is performed according to standard opencast principles. The beneficiation plant has a capacity of 400 00 tons per annum.

The product range for the operation is centred on the milling operation which supplies bulk powders to the coal mining and agricultural sectors. The powder, having a low silica content, is used in the stone dusting operation in the underground coal mines for the prevention of coal dust explosions. The chemical composition allows it also to be used in certain agricultural applications.

The beneficiation plant has a bagging plant for the powders to cater for those clients who prefer to receive the product in 25kg bags.

The final product composition is ideally suited to be utilised in the clean air and water initiatives that are currently being introduced.