Coat of Arms

The Municipal Coat of Arms is constitution by the following features:

Per chevron coupled the peaks embattled or and vert, in chief a plough proper, on a base wavy Argent and Azure a railway line in perspective sable and Or. The shield in ensigned of a coronet Or, charged with a bar of marble proper, heightened with four oranges and alternated with as many balls or cotton proper. The shield is flanked on either side by a leafed bunch of grapes, a spinach leaf and an ear of wheat.

Explaining the coat of arms:

  • The mountain peaks allude to the topography and natural spendour of the area.
  • The wavy white and blue bar refer to the importance of water for the people of the Municipality.
  • The railway track allude to the importance of tourism for the Municipality.
  • The ploughshare symbolise agriculture and the history of the communities.
  • The shield is flanked with grapes, wheat and vegetable leaves to acknowledge the importance of these for the Municipality.
  • The shield is ensigned of a coronet which is heightened of oranges and cotton, the coronets head-ring is embellished with natural marble.
  • The motto is “RE HLABOLLA SETŠHABA”, meaning we develop the our people.